Monday, 14 March 2011

Saturday Night: Outfit of the Night

Hello everyone!

Thank you to all you lovely girls who have started following me since I started my blog on Friday, it's much appreciated and it makes me happy knowing I'm writing something that people want to read!

As you may have seen in my last post, it was my 19th birthday night out on Saturday and I tried in vain to take a good photo of my outfit, but I'm not used to my new camera so the only decent snap is this one below where I look quite moody (I wasn't, I assure you, just concentrating hard on not getting a blurry photo!).

Also excuse the carrier bag full of rubbish, it's my substitute bin until I buy a proper one for my new room!

The dress I wore is from AX Paris and I think it was about £25.00. It was the only one left in the shop and it had marks on the skirt but I liked it so much I bought it anyway and thankfully they came off after a wash!

My tights are the suspender ones from Henry Holland that I showed in my River Island Haul post. I stupidly wore a ring with a sharp edge and snagged them in the pub! Boo :(

My shoes are from good old Primarni and I got them that long ago I couldn't tell you the price. They didn't half pinch my feet and to top the night off I fell over in the and sprained my ankle! Apart from that it was a brilliant night though.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Love from Natalie x

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