Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Primark Purchases

Hi everyone!

Today I nipped into Primark to see if I could get any last minute things for my Lady Gaga themed outing tomorrow, just some quirky bits that would make it more obvious who I'm dressing as!

I ended up picking up a few things that caught my eye, so here they are to show you.

Bag: £5.00

This is just a small bag so I thought it would look cute when I go out or go shopping, when I only need to fit a purse, phone, keys and trusty lipgloss in my bag!

Hairbands: £1.00

Boring I know, but I needed some!

Make up Bag: £2.00

I gave my old make up bag to my Mam as I never used it, then realised I don't have anything to transport my make up in, so I picked this cute bag up.

Tights: £3.00

Someone say they're Lady Gaga-ish, please! I have brown hair instead of Gaga's trademark blonde (and I'm not partial to wigs!) so no matter what I wear, people are going to think it's a genuine outfit choice.

Hair Feather: £1.00

I thought sticking this in my hair would liven it up a bit and it's something quirky that Gaga would potentially go far. God, I'm going to end up looking like a mad woman.

Earrings: £1.50

I loved the pattern on these, they're so cute!

Necklace: £3.00

This has so many charms on, it's really sweet and looks handmade and vintage inspired which I love!

Wash Mitt: £1.00

I thought this would be great for when I'm tanning, and at only a £1.00 it was a steal! Such a cute print too, I love Minnie Mouse!

So there we have it!

Have you been shopping this week?

Love from Natalie xox


  1. I'm on a spending ban so unfortunately haven't been shopping. You have some lovely things, I never seem to be able to find anything decent in Primark.


  2. I have that necklace I love it! :D
    I'm just about to go into town to buy some fabric, wasn't planning on going to Primark but I think you may have just convinced me because I love that bag!

  3. @Jess - It's strange in Primark, sometimes I go in and find nothing, then other days there's loads of great stock! xxx

    @Mia - I love it too! :) It's such a neat little bag, you should treat yourself! xxx

  4. I love the bag :) and such a bargain! I wish they had Primark where i live :( xx

  5. That bag is sooo cute <3 And I love those tights as well!


  6. ahh! I love all this stuff! especially the rose makeup bag :)
    I'd love if you could (omg! the pics you have on the side of your blog are so pretty! omg I wanna put them on a necklace or shirt and wear them haha) oh where was I...oh yeah, could you visit my blog? I don't have many viewers and would love some comments :)