Sunday, 3 April 2011

I Want It To Be Forever Mine!

Hey everyone!

I've been pretty skint lately as my hours at work have gone down to 8 a week and I've had to use my money on boring things like bus fare and food (and also a couple of nights out, oops)! I do have a new dress to show you all which I'll do a post on next!

However, as I haven't been able to buy make up I've just been staring longingly at websites, and I stumbled across this amazing set from NARS which has shot to the top of my list!

(Image taken from Google images)

The set includes an Orgasm illuminator, mini Deep Throat lipgloss and an Aigle Noir Soft Touch Pencil. The colours are totally me and I love the look of the illuminator, it looks like it would give a gorgeous sheen!
This costs £35 from NARS' UK website.

I think when my student loan comes in I might be really naughty and treat myself to this!

Have you tried any NARS products, or even this set?

Love from Natalie xox

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  1. don't tried nars yet. but i think i will do it soon :) heard so many good things about it!